Sometime, early Saturday morning, August 10, 2013, someone decided to play in a ball field in Nassau. It wasn’t playing softball. It was driving through the Gilmore Colloton Ball Field and tearing it up.

Google Street View

In a story that I saw on News 10 ABC, someone drove a vehicle through the field and extremely damaged it. It’s believed they used an ATV or truck.

The field is home to the Nassau Coed Softball League, and this could put a damper on their upcoming playoff tournament. The damage is so bad, that the cost to repair the field is about $7,000. There’s been a mound of dirt that was donated by a local store, but so much more is needed.

The field is privately owned and if the person, or person that did this get caught, one of the charges could be trespassing. Obviously, there will be other charges.