I have loved all of these country shows coming through the Capital Region. It's been great to not only get to these shows, but experience the true talent of such big names like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and as of last night, Carrie Underwood.

I would be lying if I told you I haven't seen her before because I have. A couple of times actually. She never disappoints and last night is definitely included in that.

Before the show, there was a meet n greet that Bethany and I got to be a part of. Now, I wasn't suppppooosssed to take pictures and really, I didn't. I took one. I just wanted to share the ambiance. It's a beautiful set up with old time country star concert posters framed along the path, with a string line set up giving off a nice homey glow.

Backstage at Carrie credit: Marissa
Marissa and Bethany credit: Marissa
Carrie Underwood credit: Marissa

The Swon Brothers and Easton Corbin opened up the show. It turns out, I'm pretty jealous of Colton Swons hair. I mean, take a peak at that boys hair and tell me it's not magical.

Swon Brothers credit: Marissa

Easton had the ladies swooning singing hits like "All Over the Road" and "Baby Be My Love Song"

Easton Corbin credit: Marissa

Then...the Queen herself took the stage. Hit after hit after hit. What a night!

Carrie Underwood credit: Marissa
Carrie Underwood credit: Marissa