Regal has announced a plan to reopen their movie theaters next month, which would coincide with phase 4 of New York's reopening plan.

Let's keep our fingers crossed this actually comes to fruition! Regal has announced their plan to reopen on July 10th. Now the first question is, will this date actually be a possibility here in the Capital Region?

While we don't have very detailed guidelines on what could open in phase 4, according to the New York Forward website arts, entertainment and recreation can start reopening in the next phase. As it stands right now, if all goes well in phase 3 here in the Capital Region phase 4 could start 2 weeks from today. (Wednesday, July 1st).

The other question that remains is even if we hit phase 4, will the state give the go ahead to indoor movie theaters to open? Those details I would imagine will be worked out as we get closer to phase 4 and you have to imagine with capacity limits and other precautions our local Regal Cinemas should have a good chance of opening.

The great news is, Regal is really getting ahead of things with a very detailed reopening plan which you can see on their website. Several precautions will be put in place including sanitizing theaters after every showing, capacity maxed at 50%, concessions can be ordered on their app and many other measures to keep patrons safe. You can see the full Regal reopening plan here.

While seeing new releases in the comfort of your home has been great, nothing beats that movie theater experience. The Regal reopening plan, coupled with the great pandemic progress we have made here in New York will hopefully lead us to overpaying for popcorn and soda in the very near future!

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