Nashville Newcomer Brooke Eden performed today for Erin and some lucky 'GNA listeners at the Auto Mate offices in Albany. Check out the video!

Red Bow recording artist Brooke Eden wowed Erin and her co-workers today as she performed a Concert In a Cubicle at Auto Mate in Albany. One word describes her performance...WOW! She played several songs, including her debut single 'Daddy's Money' and had a little Q and A with those in attendance. Some interesting tidbits we got to know about Brooke:

  • She grew up and went to school with Cassadee Pope. They are still great friends to this day!
  • Tootsie's hired her for a gig her first night in Nashville.
  • Her mom once told an ex-boyfriend he broke her heart as well as her daughter's, and it led to a song.

These lucky 'GNA listeners will get to say they saw her before she was a big star!