Senior pranks are discouraged by schools.  Even the most innocent ones can be met with some sort of punishment handed out by the school.  This senior prank at Queensbury High School is down right disturbing.

Mice were trampled, some killed when the helpless critters were released in a hallway during passing time at Queensbury High School.  Panic by both the students and the creatures caused chaos in the hall resulting in a senior prank gone wrong.

Queensbury principal Damian Switzer says that one student is resposible adding that “I don’t think it’s fair to couch it as indicative of the senior class, it appears to be the behavior of one student.”

Switzer also added that the student, who's name has been withheld due to a confidentialty clause, was suspended on Tuesday and most likely faces community service as a result of the careless prank. Some good news however, not all the mice were killed, and some of those that survived were taken home as pets.




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