It seems every time I open up social media, there is another person doing a clever, well thought out promposal. When I was in high school, there was no such thing, we were just asked. But if it was a thing back then, my junior prom date probably would have been creative. When I was a junior, I was asked to prom by a guy that I was friends with. He did it the traditional way. I think he called and asked me to prom.

If there was a creative way back then, he would have had the perfect plan. His family lived in a really nice house and always had a rather large themed flag out front for every occasion. So when it was spring, there would be a huge flag with flowers, if it was St. Patrick's Day a huge clover. You get the idea.

My friends would joke that after I said yes, they would hang a huge flag with my face on it during the month of May. Or if the promposal was a thing back then, he could have just hung my face outside on the flag until I noticed to say yes.

Come to think of it, I think we all dodged a bullet here, not just me, but the entire Mechanicville community.

Have you seen any clever promposals?

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