Substance abuse and addiction is never a good thing. It can ruin lives, tear families apart and even kill. With children, peer pressure can be a tough thing. Sometimes the two go together, creating a very bad and serious situation. One of the many “parents’ worst nightmare”. But here’s something that might help prevent some students in the sixth to eighth grade from falling into a bad situation. The Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc. is having an essay contest. It’s the 7th Annual Northeast Family Chocolate Festival Essay Contest “Know When To Say No”. Students will submit an essay to describe a time when they faced peer pressure and how they overcame the situation. How did they “know when to say no”? And give advice to other kids who may face the same issues.

There will be three winners who will receive some great prizes. Third place will get a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, second place winner will get a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card, and first place winner will receive a Barnes and Noble NOOKcolor. The entries must be received by Monday February 28. The winners will be notified on March 3, by telephone.

This sounds like such a great project to help prevent substance abuse, not to mention winning some great prizes. For more information on this very great contest, just click here.