This year has been FLYING BY! I swear it was just yesterday I was toasting in the New Year, but it’s already August 4th, Which happens to be Commander and Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s Birthday. That means we have already watched the Packers win the Super Bowl, NFL died and has already been reborn, the golf Tourney and Countryfest are behind us. So I decided to figure out what is still ahead of us. Think of this as a calendar mile marker.


  • There are 49 days left in summer.
  • 88 days to Halloween
  • 112 days to Thanksgiving
  • 143 shopping days to Christmas
  • Only 150 left in 2011
  • The end of the Mayan Calendar is 504 (which if you believe in it makes the rest of these dates pretty minor)
  • 535 days left for birthday boy President Barack Obama to instill hope and change in his first and maybe only term as president.
  • And just because it’s my list 22 days until I turn 35.


There are two ways to look at a list like this. Use it to motivate yourself to make the most of everyday or blow it off and go about your business.