I can just hear Fred screaming for Wilma looking at these photos.

I know you are familiar with the legendary cartoon the Flintstones, and I think we are both sure there was no landscape like Vermont ever pictured in the show. That said, I could certainly picture Fred and Wilma enjoying some maple syrup and pancakes inside this Flintstones style abode just outside of Bennington in Pownal, Vermont.

This home is actually a rental on airbnb that the owner calls "The Owl Hill House" and describes the home as "...an organically shaped structure built by a group of sculptors in the early 1980's and recently renovated by one of its original creators."  This one-bedroom house meant for 2 guests is available for $223 night, and offers ultimate privacy on a "private Vermont dirt road." Would you expect a Flintstone style house to be on anything but a dirt road? Don't take my word for it though, these photos will do the talking for this mini-paradise in the Vermont woods.

Pownal, VT Rental Straight Out Of Flintstones

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