Without any fanfare and barely any notice, a popular late-night calzone restaurant has closed down it's only Albany location and re-opening up on Lark Street.  The process is happening quite quickly and it appears as though they're on track to open up on Lark this Friday.

While walking the dogs with my son down Lark Street on Tuesday night - ironically enough to get a few slices of pizza for dinner - I noticed a familiar sign on an previously vacated storefront at 197 Lark Street (across from Daily Grind coffee). 

D.P. Dough, a popular calzone restaurant is moving from their U Albany student living area on Western Ave. to 197 Lark Street and according to their Facebook, they're on pace to open up on Friday.

D.P. Dough posted this message on their Facebook page on August 25th:

"It’s been a long and crazy ride and we’ll definitely miss Pine Hills, but it’s time for us to hit the dusty trail and head on down to Lark Street. We appreciate all of our loyal customers and we hope you continue to support us down in Center Square! We are going to be closed for a few days while we move, but we will hopefully be back open by Friday August 30th ✌️Same crazy hours. Same crazy phone number (518 436 ZONE) @ DP Dough Albany" 

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