Glens Falls Police are investigating an accident that happened on Sunday night. They’re not looking for someone involved in a hit and run accident, but they are looking for something else. They’re looking for the owner of a drone.

A small surveillance drone
A small surveillance drone Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

(The above photo is not a picture of the drone in this story)

The drone apparently fell in the street in the area of Bay Street and Chester Street. Fortunately, there were no reports of the machine hitting any people, cars or buildings.

Area of drone crash
Area of drone crash (Google Maps)

It was discovered that the drone’s battery had run out of power. The police took the memory card to check out the pictures that were taken by the camera on the machine, hoping to try to find out where the drone may have been launched from. They seem to think that the drone was launched from a local park and the pictures are just areal views that were taken in the area.

The drone, which hobbyists call a “quadcopter” was described as white with four propellors. Because it’s a higher priced machine, which could have possibly cost more than $1,000 dollars, the crash only caused minor damage to the drone.

Now the Glens Falls Police would just like to get the “quad copter” back to its owner. According to the article in the Post Star, there have been no pictures of the machine posted to protect it from being taken by someone other than the owner, who will be the only person that is able to identify this particular machine. Glens Falls Police put a post about the drone on their Facebook page, and haven’t gotten any responses from the person that owns it. They would also like a call from the owner so they can return it. Their phone number is 518-761-3840.

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