For quite some time there has been discussion about bring ride sharing to the Capital Region. An assemblyman has started a petition to garner support.

I personally don't ever take cabs. For the one fact that well, they are expensive as hell. With New Years Eve upon us many of us are preparing for that haunting amount we will have to pay to a taxi driver to go mere miles. The last time I took a taxi I went roughly 5 miles (due to no car and bad weather) and spent $25! That to me is an outrage. Uber and or Lyft may be a solution.

In no way do I want to see taxi cabs lose business. They just like everyone else earn their money. What I do want to see are more fair prices. The competition that Uber and Lyft will bring can cause cab companies to scale down their prices. Hopefully this time next year we will have some movement into this. Assembyman Angelo Santabarbara wants to see ride sharing come to the Capital District, do you? If so click the link below and sign the petition.

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