You won't be digging out of big snow this weekend, but winter weather will still be a nuisance.

Why can't the really big storms ever fall on a weekend when you do not have to venture out? We will be getting some winter weather this Friday and  Saturday, but according to the National Weather Service (NWS), it will be nothing to write home about.

Starting Friday night, the NWS is calling for a mix of rain and snow, which will continue through the day Saturday. Saturday evening the precipitation will switch over to all snow. Sunday should be a nice wrap to the weekend with sun and a high of 36. All told, no real accumulation is expected from this one. It will more or less just get on your nerves this weekend as there is nothing more annoying than a cold mix of just mess in the winter. Especially if you love snow. You will be wishing all the precipitation was big, beautiful fluffy flakes!

Now if you are wondering if this slow period of snowfall we have been having is an indicator of what will happen the rest of the season, do not jump to conclusions. According to the Weather Channel, in the Northeast, we typically see most of our snow in the 2nd half of meteorological winter, which we are in now. So enjoy this little lull in snowfall while it lasts, and if you love snow let's hope we are heading into a strong backstretch of winter 2021.

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