Hoffmans Playland in Latham closed after 52 years but many of the childhood memories we had as kids are alive and well. Now, thanks to Collar City Auctions, you can own a piece of their storied history by purchasing some of the cool stuff they didn't bring with them when they re-opened as Huck Finn's Playland.

My living space in Center Square Albany is cramped enough, but if I had ample room (and ample money) I would splurge on a few of the items up for grabs.  Scrolling through the list I couldn't help but notice the awesome Humpty Dumpty statue, as well as vintage plastic "Hoffmans Playland" signs and of course a few clowns (creepy or no?).

I have to believe that Humpty Hump is the first to go.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with him.  Hanging on you porch, perched on the toilet when guests come over, or even just under the covers snuggling when you're alone or lonely, good ol' Humpty will never let you down!







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