Country artists love their pets like they love cowboy boots and the Grand Ole Opry. They love their pets fiercely and with utter devotion, like they're part of the family (which, as any pet owner will tell you, they are). And even though country stars have incredibly taxing schedules, featuring plenty of public appearances and long tours, they still make time for the furry friends in their lives.

There are a slew of pets within the country music community, and they are all quite adorable and purr-fectly suited for their owners. As you've probably guessed, country queen Miranda Lambert is included in this gallery; after all, she has enough pets to open a zoo and has the tendency to pick up stray and in-need animals wherever she sees them, whether they're on the side of the highway or at a Sonic restaurant. But we couldn't forget Kacey Mugraves' three-legged dog Pearl, which she dotes on via Instagram and found the day after her 21st birthday; Hunter Hayes' greyhound BFF Cole; or Dierks Bentley's beloved (and, sadly, now-deceased) loyal friend Jake.

Click through the photo gallery below to see some of the most adorable and well-loved pets in country music. From horses to cats and dogs, these pets are super-lucky to have a forever home with these talented stars.

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