This is maybe something you have never thought about. That one time a year and the $20 you spend to make sure your car passes, it actually may really be unneeded.

Just a few nights ago I was doing my typical browsing of YouTube, I love a channel hosted by Scotty Kilmer. He is an old school mechanic offering up genuine advice at no charge. Well, he lives in Texas. He also has lived in a few other states. One of which, Florida, a state that has abolished yearly state safety inspections on vehicles.

You may be sitting here reading this and thinking, man that's idiotic. Think about it. Most accidents, are they related to part failure? Not really. Maybe a part defect. When I see an accident like I did yesterday morning on my drive into work that was between a Chevy Malibu and a Corvette. That Corvette was all kinds of mangled beyond repair. Odds are, it was due to a driver not controlling his car within the laws set for the roadway.

So, as good of a theory it may be you have to be a little apprehensive and wonder, how has Florida proved anything. Well in the video link below Scotty Kilmer explains, Texas has about 28 million folks living there. Florida is about 8 million less people. By the math, they have a smaller percentage of accidents. This alone proves, safety inspections just don't matter. Those inspections prove absolutely nothing. You would think Florida would have a far higher percentage of fatal accidents. But nope, less.

To his point, these inspections are a scam. These inspections are a way for the state to make money. Do you think New York should follow the lead of Florida and just ditch yearly car inspections?


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