There are plans to build a McDonalds restaurant on a vacant lot in Troy, on the corner of Hoosick and fifteenth Streets, and a group called “Trojan Rubble” made a You Tube video called "Planning For The McFuture" opposing it. From a story on WNYT, they asked some people that live and work near the area, most of them said that they couldn't wait. This is a very busy intersection and a very busy road.

McDonalds Site In Troy

There’s already a pizza shop on the one corner, which is right across the street from the lot where plans are to build the McDonalds. The people of “Trojan Rubble” seem to think there should be things like a garden or some kind of agriculture on various vacant lots in Troy.

Check out the video:

One thing that will happen if the restaurant is built, it will create new jobs, and with unemployment as high as it is, I don’t think this is a really bad idea. If you know the area, how do you feel about having a McDonalds built on the lot? Do you think the property should be used for something else?

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