Earlier this year we told you about the new "The Muppets" show which would be airing on ABC. I think we were pretty clear in our coverage of the show that it was going to be an adult-oriented program not aimed at the kids of today but instead aimed at the kids who used to watch the Muppets in the '70s and '80s, who are now adults. It would seem though that that message has not gotten to everyone and I think it should.

The website for "One Million Moms" is calling for ABC to end the show altogether. They write:

"Please use the information we have provided to contact ABC (owned by Disney) and strongly encourage the network to drop all plans to air the program."

I agree wholeheartedly with the group "One Million Moms" when they say that parents should be made aware that this is not a show for children and that some of the topics covered by the writers are very adult in nature. I do however strongly disagree with their call to have ABC cancel the program. Personally, as a child of the '80s, I think it could be very funny to see "the other side" of the characters I loved back then.

To be fair I have not seen the show yet and I may hate it but I defend it's right to exist. It airs tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8 p.m. and it does carry a "PG" rating.

What do you think? Is this worth calling ABC to try to get this show cancelled or is it a case of each parent monitoring what their children watch and making their own choices?