The other night, I had a call on Cryin’, Lovin’ or Leavin’ from a woman dedicating a song to her daughter, who is getting her own place for the first time.

Here's the call

I think she has the “empty nest syndrome”. This brought to mind when I moved out on my own, for the first time. My mom and dad felt the same way. I’m the youngest of 3, so I was the last to go.

My own place: Great. I do what I want, when I want. That was all well and good, until it came time to pay those funny little things called bills. Electric bill-oh wow. Oh that’s right; mom and dad don’t pay the bills anymore. (Now that is a reality check). Hurry and turn off all the lights. I don’t care if it’s dark out. Have to save money.

Responsibility can be a mean thing, but it does build character.