We've all seen that old, decaying, burned out warehouse while traveling 787 into - or out of - Albany.  It's known as Albany's Eyesore and for good reason.  It's enormous and you can't help but notice the broken windows and graffiti spray painted all over it.  From a distance, the 12-story Central Warehouse building does ruin the pleasant view of the Albany skyline. But if a business owner has his way, Albany could be getting a bit of a facelift as an old decrepit eyesore could finally be getting some love.

The man with a plan is Evan Blum and he is the new owner of the burned out building known as Albany’s Biggest Eyesore. He’s a renowned expert at saving architectural artifacts from historic buildings around the world. According to News 10 ABC he has fireplace mantels from the Plaza Hotel and Jackie Kennedy’s apartment. Stained glass from churches, synagogues, and banks. Heavy, and priceless ceramic-glazed, and cast iron tubs and many other beautiful bathroom fixtures.

Reselling them for thousands of dollars at his East Harlem store Demolition Depot.  He wants another location in upstate and purchased the repulsive property for 280K and now wants a little help from the city before he takes over the eyesore restoration project.  He wants city and state approval to wrap it in what he calls “artistic advertising” to generate cash to help start the project. The full-size ads would be changed frequently and even help promote the city’s public events. It’s early, but the city of Albany “appears” ready to help as work is currently underway in that area as part of the Albany Skyline project.

When anyone mentions 'Albany Eyesore' this is the first thing that comes to mind.  One can never un-see this unsightly structure, but a little tough love could go a long way.


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