As I was going through my news feed this morning one of my friends posted this line. I immediately started to post my suggestions. They are not all winners but not everybody is when we are talking about the track!

flickr User, Doug Kerr

So think about Saratoga and all it has to offer and about all the people braving the heat wave to experience opening day and let's have some fun at their expence. Maybe I will give a prize to to the person I think comes up with the most creative line!

Here are a few I came up with:

Today, it will be so hot in Saratoga........

1. ...even the horses are in the beer line!

2. ... the dirt on the track turned to glass.

3. ... the clubhouse had an over timer on it.

4. ... the horses ask for the whip just to feel the breeze.

5. ... the jockeys are wearing only , their jockeys.

OK, maybe they weren't great but they are original.. the last one came from Jeff Levack. So now it is your turn, give me the best "Its so hot in Saratoga..." line, and maybe I'll fix you up with a prize!