It's been over 20 years since OJ Simpson was acquitted of the brutal slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  Simpson is 70 years old now, spending time in prison in Nevada for convictions of armed robbery and other things.  At 70 years of age, "The Juice" is up for parole and could be released as early as this Fall. If released, at his age, is OJ Simpson still a threat to society?

Odds are, that OJ will be paroled and he will be a free man and will be released later this fall.  I don't care what age this man is.  OJ is as much of a threat now as he ever was.  Years of domestic abuse turned into brutal slayings.  When OJ didn't have anyone to kill, he turned into an armed robber. What's next is anybody's guess.  He's fooled us before, what's to prevent him from doing it again?

In making parole decisions, the state of Nevada uses a scoring system to evaluate the risk a prisoner might pose to the community. The categories include an inmate's behavior in prison, as well as his/her age.

Event: O.J. Simpson's parole hearing.

When: Thursday, 1 p.m. (Eastern time)

TV: ESPN, CNN Headline News, FOX News and NBC News Special Report



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