New York's ever-evolving quarantine list has gotten another update.

This is probably a list we will be watching for the foreseeable future. Governor Cuomo announced some more changes to the New York Travel Advisory list this week, including four additions and two subtractions.

First, the good news: according to New York Upstate (NYUP), Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands have both been removed from the advisory list. So if you have a vacation planned to one of these destinations or are looking to get away, you can now travel to them without any need to quarantine upon your return.

Now, the list additions from NYUP. Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia are now on the advisory list, which now includes 35 total states. Anyone who travels to New York from these states must quarantine for 14 days when visiting New York. If anyone travels to these states from New York, they must quarantine upon returning.

Every time I read these updates I like to think about what I would have thought of them a year ago, before the pandemic. I never would have believed we would be in a scenario where we would have to pick and choose where we travel, based on the possible implications of a virus. If we weren't living through this scenario, it would seem like the most far-fetched possibility. Just another example of how we are truly living through unprecedented times.

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