So is this New York making yet another dumb move? Maybe not dumb, but I still don't agree.

So these insects that are problems for many of us not only in the Capital Region come from Asia to upset any home owner in the US. Sure I personally don't see them doing any harm but I still will see one on my wall and go "YOU!!!" (breaks out paper towel).. New York has a plan in place to in a way exterminate or at least lessen the population of these minuscule beasts. The Samurai Wasp!!

So lets get this straight, we are going to be rid of stink bugs due to wasps? We are going to get rid of a bug that in my opinion is more of an eyesore than a nuisance with an insect that millions are allergic to. Well New York, smart move. Now yes this breed of wasp is indeed a big problem for stink bugs seeing as it is also a predator for them, the concept leaves me shaking my head.

Beyond that New York also wants you to report sightings of the smelly creatures!! Just saying, my house. Also don't you dare NYS release the kraken that is the Samurai Wasp in my household, I am one of those allergic people. The summer is a key date for this plan of releasing wasps. That is of course if it all goes according to plan. Full details at the link below along with the link to file a police report on these bugs, ha.


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