As we mark one year of everything being shutdown, COVID guidelines continue to loosen up.

This time last year we were going into full shutdown, Thankfully, what a difference a year makes. As arenas and entertainment venues, as well as amusement parks and more get ready to start operating again, the New York quarantine requirement for domestic travelers is also coming to an end. According to the Governor's website, the requirement will end on April 1st, but voluntary quarantine will still be recommended and travelers must self-monitor for COVID symptoms for fourteen days. International travelers will still be required to quarantine upon arrival in New York.

The reduction of travel requirements is one of the last few remaining COVID guidelines that had not been rolled back in some manner. This is not only great for us to get back to a jet-setting lifestyle, but also great news for the concert industry. While some exceptions would have been made for entertainers to come into the state, a complete lift of the quarantine advisory will make it that much easier for artists, bands, and concert crews to return to the state once concert capacity limits make it feasible to do shows.

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