Here we go again. I know we are all sick of hearing about scams and tricks of how people are trying to steal our identity. But here is another one to be aware of. This time it involves the New York State Department of Labor.

In this pandemic, we have had to make sure we aren't missing a beat when it comes to unemployment or anything that has to do with the Department of Labor. This is why you have to be diligent when checking your emails, texts, and even on social media. All of these so-called scams look legitimate and that's why people continue to fall for them according to

This warning is for all New Yorkers. The Department of Labor is sending out real emails and texts too so if you get an email that looks like it is coming from the New York State Department of Labor and you aren't sure, just tweet back at the Department of Labor to check if it is a scam. If it is, they ask you to block and report the scammers.

A good thing to remember is that messages from the Department of Labor will come from DocuSign with the numbers 468-311 or 22751. Also, you will never be contacted by text messages from the Department of Labor.

As always, never give out your social security number through social media, and make sure you are speaking with a representative of the Department of Labor to avoid being scammed. For other ways that scammers have tried to contact and dupe New Yorkers, click HERE.

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