Everyone wants to be remembered.  Everybody has in some way left their mark upon the universe just for having been here, correct?  Well, what better way to forever be memorialized than having a species named after little old YOU or a loved one?

There's a great new opportunity for you to get this done, according to USA Today.com.  It's called the Discover Life in America group. They are a non-profit organization , and according to the article:

The non-profit group is surveying all living creatures in Great

Discover Life In America Project

Smoky Mountains National Park on the North Carolina-Tennessee border. In order to help fund that research, it is selling the naming rights to newly discovered creatures.

You can view a You Tube video about the project. There's a minimum donation amount of $2500.00.  But heck, you could get your whole group (mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins etc) to chip in and name it after the family!    Actually, many celebrities and even Presidents have their names immortalized.  According to the article, everyone from Steven Colbert to George W. Bush to Darth Vader has signed up!

Maybe our morning show will do it.  Lord knows we're a bunch of birdbrains - we might as well be named after one!

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If you'd like more information -Call Discover Life in America at 865.430.4757 or email todd@dlia.org.

(again, this is all according to what I've read.  Do this at your own risk.  I'm just the messenger here!-  I guess I should have a "chicken" named after me! )


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