Growing up I was a Smurfaholic. I loved everything Smurfs. I had all of the figurines, the sleeping bag and even for one of my birthday parties it was all Smurf themed. I am not sure, however, why they need to redo every one of my childhood cartoons, characters or movies. I am not sure when it started but I remember when they were coming out with Ghostbusters 2. I still haven't seen it and I thought, they must have run out of movie ideas. I have thought this way before, though. The Power Rangers is out now, Transformers was released not too long ago and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles felt it necessary to make a bunch of new vamped movies.

Now there is the new Smurfs' movie that comes out this weekend. It's called Smurfs The Lost Village-They Were Never Alone. Oh and this is the second Smurfs movie, why?

Can the screenwriters and producers not come up with any unique ideas? Why continue to go to the 80s/90s well? I don't get it. Leave my nostalgia and my cartoons the way I remember. Does anyone else feel this way? Come up with a new idea, please.

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