A newly proposed fine being discussed in Schenectady County would ding those lighting off fireworks and sparklers and give police the ability to not only bang your wallet with a hefty fine, but confiscate the explosives as well.  It is actually an addition to the city’s already existing ordinance for permits for public displays of fireworks. The ordinance is mainly meant to require different organizations to obtain a permit to shoot off fireworks and pop those who don't.

According to the Daily Gazette, this legislation would cover fireworks of any kind, including aerial ones and firecrackers, such as M-80s and cherry bombs.  All of the council members on Monday agreed the proposed fine was necessary, but some were not pleased the legislation was being rushed.  The newly proposed legislation would fine up to $250 for each firework illegally launched and give police officers the right to confiscate any illegal firewroks.

“I think it’s bad policy to have a public hearing and a vote on the same night,” Independent Councilman Vince Riggi said following the meeting.

Riggi added that he understands the need for expediency since the Fourth of July is only a couple of weeks away, but said the legislation should have already been introduced.

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