If you are thinking the most embarrassing Google search in our state is something dirty, you are way off!

It's Magic lessons. You read that right, magic lessons. Estately dug through 11 years of Google data and selected the popular search terms that were deemed embarrassing or shameful. It's not too bad compared to the other states. Let's examine:

Credit: www.Estately.Com

Outside of NY, there are some dirty ones. And some are just funny! Some of my faves...

  • Massachusetts 'Deflated Balls'
  • North Carolina 'Where Is The Internet?'
  • Illinois 'Is WWE Fake?'

But the one that takes the cake hits close to home. My old home state, Maine. Their most embarrassing search? Nickelback lyrics! I know what you are thinking. 'Matty, you made the right choice moving to NY.' You can read the full Estately article here. They expand on the list of embarrassing searches from each state!