The answer is not as 'sweet' as you think!

Maybe our favorite Halloween candy fits our personalities here in New York. I mean, we can be known to be difficult to deal with, but at our core, we are sweet as can be! So I guess it is fitting that our favorite Halloween candy in the Empire State is Sour Patch Kids, according to The rankings are based ob bulk candy being sent to each state around Halloween. Apparently we average around 200,000 pounds of Sour Patch each year. That's a lot of Sour Patch Kids! Coming at #2 in our home state is Candy Corn, followed by Reese's Peanut Butter cups at #3.

Here are the favorite candies of our neighboring states:

  • Vermont: Milky Way
  • Massachusetts: Sour Patch Kids
  • New Jersey: Skittles
  • Connecticut: Almond Joy

So if it seems like your kids get a lot of Sour Patch Kids while trick or treating this year, now you know why! To see the full list for all 50 states, click here. 



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