Siena College recently conducted a Poll asking various questions about New York Sports and to no real surprise the Yankees are the favorite out of all sports teams. 30% of all polled named the Bronx Bombers their favorite New York Team while another 26% voted them their second or third favorite team from the Empire State. The Giants, Jets, Mets and Knicks round out the Top 5.

Derek Jeter

Another part of the poll asked who your favorite New York Athlete is and the top 5 answers were mostly Yankees. Derek Jeter was the top vote getter with 14% of the vote, followed by the legendary Babe Ruth with 11%. Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and the lone non-Yankee Joe Naimath rounded out the top 5.  Jeter and Ruth were the only two to receive more than 4% of votes. I have to ask where's Nick Swisher?? As many of you know I have a bit of a man-crush on Swish. There I said it! So I am a bit biased! But to be serious, I am very truly surprised that Don Mattingly didn't  receive more votes. Even though he never won a World Series he was the backbone of those teams in the 80's and he is still truly loved today. The ovation he got at the George Steinbrenner tribute last season was amazing.

The Poll also asked New Yorkers opinions on the NFL labor dispute, MMA in New York State and what kind of sports fan they are.

So It's time to conduct my own poll of WGNA listeners. Who is your favorite New York team and who is your favorite New York athlete! The Yankees and Nick Swisher have my vote, but you already knew that!!!

Nick Swisher

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