Effective immediately, it will be much easier for New Yorkers to visit their loved ones in nursing homes.

According to the Governor's website, as of today, New York is following the guidelines set forth by the U.S Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which will allow "permits visitation at all times and for all residents" while adhering "... to strong infection control practices."There are some exceptions which include unvaccinated residents, residents with COVID, and those who are in quarantine. But basically right now, in instances where COVID is not a risk, it will be much simpler to visit those who are in care facilities. Previously, a home had to be COVID-free for 2 weeks.

While officials continue to remain cautious, the news continues to be positive when it comes to progress in the fight against COVID. Vaccines are being administered faster and faster, and more and more guidelines continue to ease. The relaxation of nursing home visitation rules may be the most encouraging sign yet as they were meant to protect those who could be affected most by COVID.

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