Do you have a peeling license plate? I certainly do, until now I thought I would just have to fork over money to get them taken care of. I guess not.

I suppose I just assumed New York would do nothing about this. I guess it made sense in my mind with how I know the state, they would just ignore it and fine people with plates like such. You know what they say about assuming right?

According to a DMV official, these poorly produced plates are being monitored very carefully as it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Furthermore, said DMV official also made it clear that no vehicle owner will have to shell out cash for new plates if they indeed are peeling. But a ticket could be had if pulled over with the plates like such.

As a courtesy to our customers, there is no charge for replacing peeling plates, however, customers must pay a statutory $20 fee if they want to keep their existing plate number. While plates are more likely to be subject to peeling as they age, the number of returned plates is minimal compared to the nearly 14 million New York plates on the road. In addition, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, which contracts with vendors to produce license plates, continues to monitor for production issues and implements changes when appropriate. Vehicle owners can be ticketed for having illegible license plates. - CBS 6

So yeah, just go to or call your local DMV and get those plates taken care of.

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