First-time drivers can now take their training instruction online.

As more and more things that can be accomplished online move to an online setting, New York has decided to allow Division of Motor Vehicles to train first-time drivers online.

According to a New York Upstate story, driving schools will now be able to teach the 5 hour course via online video. There is one major thing for new drivers that cannot be replaced virtually, and that is road tests. Those already resumed when the DMV recently started up other in-person services.

One benefit of moving so many things to a virtual setting is there are so many things, even before the coronavirus pandemic, that we could have already been doing in the comfort of our homes utilizing modern technology. As we have had so much more time to spend with our families or just on our own in the last few months, maybe we will hold on to some of that time we gained on the other side of the pandemic by using technology to our advantage to simplify our lives.

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