Crossgates is always stepping up their game with new things to do, this time it's in the form of a new virtual gun range and it opens tomorrow.

Modern Round Entertainment Corp. is partnering with Lucky Strike in Crossgates to open their first New York location. The new virtual- interactive shooting range utilizes laser technology with the same feel, look, weight, and even recoil of a real gun.

During the experience, people will be able to shoot zombies, take part in various missions, and can even go through parts of training that is used by police and military personnel, according to The Daily Gazette. The goal is to offer the public a safe way to learn gun safety.

A spokesperson for Modern Round said about the experience that it "is meant to be a purely recreational activity...not to seriously learn how to handle a gun." They want to make sure it's known that though it's recreational, they treat the guns as real and try to help avoid people forming bad habits when using a gun.

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