This winter you will have another jewelry store to check out at Crossgates Mall.

Trollbeads, a jewelry store that features bead pieces, will be opening soon according to an announcement on the Crossgates Mall website. This time-frame is sometime this winter, so who knows, maybe in time for Valentine's Day gifts?

Crossgates says the store will be located near Lucky Strike on the lower level. The Trollbeads website says the store was founded in Denmark in the 1970's and features a wide selection of bead on bracelet jewelry for men and women.

It really is good to see another retail store opening in Crossgates. While so many entertainment destinations have opened their in the last few years, it is great to see retailer who sees value in brick and mortar stores. You have to imagine the experience of seeing and holding these pieces of jewelry is an important part of t\he purchase process!

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