If you haven't heard of the "Grey Death," you may start to because this drug took its first victim in the Capital Region.

The Albany County Sheriff's Office is investigating after an inmate was found dead in his cell over the weekend, according to CBS 6. The Sheriff's Office said that they found a new substance that may be completely new to our area.

Apparently, there were no previous medical conditions with the deceased inmate and no requests to see a medical professional. The Sheriff's Office is deducing that the inmate died from this new substance that he had hidden in his sock. After some testing, they found that the drug contained fentanyl and heroin and is called "Grey Death."

Because of how lethal this drug is, medical experts are reporting that Narcan won't work. So far, they've only seen this one instance in jail and are planning on installing body scanners within the next year to keep drugs like this out of the general population.

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