Because you can never have enough local craft breweries.

Beer makes people happy, hence, another craft brewery opening in the Capital Region can only lead to more happiness. A brand new 'nanobrewery' named Fidens Brewing Co. is set to open next weekend in a Colonie industrial park located at 10 Walker Way, according to a Times Union report.

The brewery will officially open for business next Saturday, September 28th and will feature a small tasting room. Thought, Times Union report says their primary plan is to fill growlers for patrons as they roll out 6 brews in the coming months. The brewery will only be open on Saturdays as they start up, with expanded hours to follow.

I think we are gong to start seeing more and more of this in the years to come: new, cool little breweries opening in less traditional locations. This is great not only from a stand point of having more local brews, but we will also have more convenient places in the cities and towns we live in to have access to these beers. Portland, Maine has a thriving craft beer scene and I saw the same trend happen when I lived there: breweries spreading out into the communities around the central hub city. The same will hopefully happen around Albany.


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