It is one of the toughest conundrums of the pandemic. Stay home to remain safe, but at what cost?

The best way to stay safe and avoid catching COVID-19 is also one that can complicate life in other ways. After a case of the new UK strain of the coronavirus was confirmed the Times Union is reporting that Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is urging people to "...stay home when possible and for businesses to have people work remotely."

First, we all know the best way to avoid catching COVID and to help slow the spread is to hunker down and simply avoid others. That is where the conundrum lies for many, and why this pandemic is so tough to deal with. The most effective thing to keep people safe is also the one that can have the biggest negative effect on people bringing home a paycheck. Thankfully at this point, we are not in a lockdown mode and people still have a choice to go out, so those that must head out to earn a living are able to do so.

The silver lining through all the craziness of this latest spike is businesses are still open and operating and the economy is still open. That's another reason why this new strain of the virus is so scary. The livelihood of many hangs in the balance and relies on things hopefully slowing down again. As we anticipate things cooling off after the holidays, a more contagious strain of the virus hopefully won't throw a wrench in that cooldown.

Hopefully, if we heed this advice and 'stay home when you can' hopefully that virus cooldown becomes a reality.

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