There is a new drug that will be available just in time for flu season that will cut the sickness to just two days. Last year I was hit by the flu very hard. I was out of commission for about two weeks. I received Tamiflu but it didn't seem to help much. Now the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug to help cut down the duration of the flu.

According to, for the first time in twenty years, a new single dose medication will treat those twelve and older once they get the flu to help the virus not last as long. The drug is called Balozavir but it will be sold under the name Xofluza.

Doctors warn that this drug is not meant to prevent the flu and it's important to get the flu shot. But if you do get the flu virus, you should take this new drug within forty-eight hours of the onset of symptoms.

With this new medication, Xofluza will shorten the symptoms from ten to just two days.

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