I was missing my "kids," as I call them, the other day at work. I have three fur-babies; Lyric is a cat, he's my oldest, Penny is my shorkie dog and Graham is my little boy bunny. They are my world and I love them.

Like anyone else, there are special stories behind each name of these fur balls.

In 2009, the week I was getting my first pet as an adult, my parents had to put down the cat I had growing up, Smokey. She was beautiful and as an only child, she was the closest thing to a sibling I had as ridiculous as that may sound. I was so sad, but she lived a good, long, happy 20 years.

lyric credit: Marissa

When I got my kitten in 2009, I struggled with names. I tossed a few ideas around, but nothing seemed right. I wanted something that related to me, but I didn't want anything cheesy or predictable. Then it hit me. Lyric. My life is music. Whether I'm home, at work, in the car, at an event, music is literally surrounding me. Lyric was the perfect name! (Or should I say purrrrrfect - okay, see there's the cheese factor!)

penny credit: Marissa

Penny was my next child in 2011. When I adopted her from a family in Colonie they were clearly not aware of how old she actually was. I was told she was a puppy. Well, it turns out she was already over a year old, in full blown heat and hadn't had any vet care when I got her. Poor thing was so dirty and scraggly. The other family had named her Paws, but she didn't answer to it. My thought was to keep the "P" sound, just in case, but again struggled on a name. That's when my Mom said, "how about Penny after 'Penny and Me?'" For those that don't know, I love Hanson and that's one of their songs. It's written about one of the brothers daughters and now Penny would be my fur-daughter. It helped she has a bronze color in patches on her, too.

graham credit: Marissa

Graham was the easiest of the three. I got him in 2013. He's a lionhead bunny and he's a lovely, fluffy tan color. I looked right at him and said, "he looks like a graham cracker! I love s'mores!" Seriously. It was that easy for this guy.

family photo credit: Marissa

I sprung the question on our Facebook followers the  other day and not only did the names and reasons start flooding in but the pictures, too! Oh the cuteness! Take a peak below! Maybe it'll help in naming your next fur baby!