So as I write this, I'll have about 30 minutes until my internship with Townsquare Media is officially over.

But before I left, I wanted to put together a video for the people that I've worked for over the course of the summer, because this has definitely been an extremely positive experience in my life. During the internship, I learned a great deal about certain things that I never thought I'd ever be doing. I never thought even for a second that I'd be making videos like this.

Since I studied Music Industry while I was in school, I had never touched a camera before this. Pretty much everything that I did during my time with Townsquare Media was stuff that I had never done before, but it became the stuff that I enjoyed doing the most.

So me and another intern, Leah, decided to sit down and just talk about all the stuff we had learned while we were here, and how what we learned will inevitably help us in our future endeavors. So thank you for watching the videos that I've made, and reading the blogs that I've written. It's been a blast, and hopefully I'll be doing more stuff like this in the near future.

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