Meet "Patch".  The One-Eyed Wonderhorse who happens to be running in one of the most prestigious horse races in the world; the Kentucky Derby!

I'm a pretty big sports fan and I pride myself on having some pretty decent general knowledge when it comes to horse racing. But when Chrissy told me this morning about the racehorse running in the Kentucky Derby with a disability, I was embarrassed that I hadn't heard this before.

Here's the crazy part; the name "Patch" was given to him at birth. He lost his eye about a year or so ago when inflammation and swelling got so bad, they had no choice.  It was either put him down, or remove the eye.  Well, I'm here to say, Patch is alive and well and training like a beast for the upcoming Run For The Roses.

How can you NOT love a horse named "Patch" that only has one eye? He's a longshot to win the Derby, but I'll be throwing a few bucks on him. Win or lose, rooting for "Patch" may be this years only sure bet


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