Like everyone, I get into work and do everything I can to the best of my ability. We all would like to hope that at the end of the day our work is not going unnoticed by our bosses. Well I feel I finally got the recognition I deserved today when they upgraded me from a cube to my very own office.

Jordan called me into his office to tell me that I would be finally be getting my own work space. It had everything a person could possibly need, four walls for privacy, and no ceiling to let the fresh air in.

Was it perfect? No. There was definitely a smell to it all the time, and people seemed to think it was a place to just drop off their unwanted stuff. I finally had my own office though, so anything that I could complain about seemed unimportant. I was just so touched that everyone felt I deserved this office upgrade. I just wish they had told me it was only temporary so I would've had time to move out of there before it was repossessed.

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