If you are a dog owner or have ever had a dog, you know that they all have their own unique personalities.

I had a Corgi who would watch TV with me and any time an animal came on the screen, he would go to the TV and try to play with it. I also had an Akita who would think he was a lap dog, he was 85 pounds, and lay on top of me on the couch.

Well Freddie is no different. He has a great personality and I love him like crazy. I noticed that he loves to be blown dry. Anytime I turn the hair dryer on, he comes into the bathroom, sits on the rug in front of the sink and waits for me to blow dry his fur. Take a look at how much he loves the hair dryer and that he won't let me dry my hair until I dry his.

Does your dog have a weird thing that he or she does?

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