Upstate New York is a pretty historical place and you'd think with how old these buildings are, at least one or two of them have to be haunted, right? Thrillist put a list together of the 13 Most Haunted Places in and Around NYC and some of them are right here Upstate.

  • The Sagamore, Lake George: 134 year old resort has stories of ghost sightings around the resort and the golf course. The most famous story being about a little boy who lost some golf balls and ended up hit by a car.
  • NYU'S Brittany Hall, NYC: A freshman dorm at the NYU campus. The only reason I mention this is because I went to NYU and imagine your first year away from home, in NYC, and your see a ghost in your dorm? Thankfully, that's not the dorm I lived in!
  • Smalley's Inn, Carmel: The inn opened its doors in 1852. The spirit seen around there is that of Elizabeth Smalley whose life ended as a toddler. Guests have felt something tugging on their clothes, footsteps, and the scariest part, one night everyone's cell phone went off at the same time!
  • United State Military Academy, West Point: One of the more famous stories, in 1972, cadets said they saw a ghost in an old-school uniform. Of course, now, they no longer use that room.

To see the full list, featuring various public places in NYC, check out Thrillist.

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