Something about looking inside people's houses is fascinating to me, not the creepy kind, the online real estate kind. It's like a slice of someone's world but in this case, that world is very rich and something I could never afford. A girl can dream, right?

The Albany Business Review put together a list of the most expensive homes on the market in the area right now. Some of these houses have things I would never even dream of needing, like a helipad. I guess if I had enough money to buy these houses, I may need a place to park my helicopter, though, right?

You can see the rest of the list on the Albany Business Review website but I'll give you the top few so you can imagine how different your life would be if you could afford that two-story Adirondack fireplace or pewter wet bar.

#1 - You've probably seen this house from the lake (0 Green Harbour Lane, Lake George) but you may not have known that it's currently for sale for $14,900,000.

Donna Abbot-Vlahos
Davies-Davies and Associates Real Estate

#2 - This next house isn't too far away from the first in Bolton Landing (18 Skyline Drive) for $12,800,000 and pretty much if you want to move into a castle, here it is.

Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

#3 - This looks to be a huge piece of property going for $8,995,00 also on Lake George (Cromwell Manor, 16 Colony Cove, Lake George). You know when a piece of property has a name and is called "manor," that it'll probably end up on this list.

Tanya Hamell