Saratoga Springs will allow restaurants to expand their outdoor dining to accommodate more patrons.

Now that we are in phase 3 of reopening, restaurants can start having indoor dining again. But with capacity capped at 50%, the Daily Gazette is reporting Saratoga Springs is helping out it's eateries by allowing them to increase their outdoor dining capacity. The Gazette says free permits are being issued that "...allow restaurants, many of which depend on summer tourist business, to place tables on city sidewalks and other public locations, letting them expand their outdoor capacity."

Saratoga is facing a tough summer when it comes to tourism. With no shows at SPAC and a Saratoga Race Course meet with no fans, tourist traffic is sure to be significantly slower than normal. Hopefully measures like these will help keep restaurants afloat during what will most likely be a challenging tourist season.

On the flip-side, maybe more locals will make their way to Saratoga Springs this summer knowing the usual insanity of the tourist season won't be happening. It is rare we have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon on Broadway without all the tourist traffic, and maybe a jolt from more locals is just what local businesses will need to get through the season.

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