More cases of the UK variant of coronavirus are popping up across the state.

The first New York cases of the strain popped up in Saratoga Springs a few weeks ago, and Governor Cuomo announced in his press conference today that additional cases have been found in Saratoga and Warren Counties, as well as several other areas across New York. There is now a total of 42 cases of the strain in the state.

We are also starting to learn the UK strain acts a little differently. It has been well-publicized this new strain is much more contagious, and now the New York Post is reporting its symptoms differ a little from the typical COVID strain. The Post says those who contract the UK variant are less likely to experience a high fever or loss of taste and smell, but are more frequently reporting symptoms like sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches.

While the more contagious strain of COVID is certainly concerning and something to watch, Governor Cuomo did report some good news when he said "New York State has finally reached a point where we are comfortable saying the holiday surge we experienced from November to January has subsided."   The Governor responded to this news today by lifting all orange zone restrictions in New York which will allow some economic activity to resume in the affected areas.

Locally, it will be status quo in the Capital Region as we were not in a designated orange or yellow zone, and restrictions we have had in place (capacity limits, no mass gatherings) will remain unchanged.

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